Cyber Range Security Training and Labs

    Cyber Range is a complete solution that provides a controlled protected environment for security professionals to gain hands-on cyber skills and to test the organization’s security posture. The
    solution consists of:

    • Cyber Security Operations Platform – the solution foundation with cyber range orchestration, management, reporting, platform administration, and data export gamification (capture the flag (CTF)).
    • Tools – traffic generators (i.e., BreakingPoint), SIEM, exploit tools and frameworks, web servers, firewalls, IDS/IPS and more.
    • Threat scenarios – a library of predefined threat scenarios, and the ability to create customized scenarios.
    • Event scenarios – predefined or custom event scenarios specifically targeted for team-based gamification events, such as Capture the Flag.
    • Learning content – educational and instructional materials on each cyber exercise.
    • Consulting services – expertise to build the right solution for each organization, including customized threat scenarios and event scenarios, as well as integration of 3rd party, commercial or open-source components.
    • Training services – training on solution implementation and Keysight tools